The path through the Land of Loneliness

Learn how to be with yourself when there is no one beside you


From time to time, each of us experiences these unbearable states of loneliness. If you are exactly here in your life – learn how to be with yourself during this difficult time.


Here are 6 practices that will warm your heart up like a bonfire. They are good for all lonely people regardless of life situation.


Learn how to take care of the heart

6 Survival Practices to Warm Your Heart like a Bonfire

In this video you will learn:

  • In what situations we feel lonely most often
  • What is the cause of unbearable loneliness
  • What thoughts trigger loneliness
  • What does your inner child have to do with this?
  • How to care for a lonely heart with the help of 6 practices

The first-degree initiation

On the way through the Land of Loneliness, the most important thing is to stay warm and take care of your heart. Choose the practices that currently warm your inner being the best. Use them to learn to be with yourself in a friendly and warm way, every time you fall into the abyss of loneliness.

Remember the bonfire metaphor. You know, that in order to make a fire lights up, you have to be around and care for it – collect material, set and dry the wood, be patient, sometimes very patient, give the flame time to cover small twigs, sticks, and chips, look after and add more wood. Only then you can enjoy the goodness of the bonfire.

It is similar with your heart. Take care of it first. This is very important.

to be continued…