21 day Inner Adventures

Our everyday life consists of hundreds of habits. Just bring to mind today’s morning. You certainly have personal ways to approach different things you do almost automatically. Some habits are beneficial to us and much needed. Some are destructive. Habits include not only the way we behave. Habits are also the way we talk, think and feel. On this blog, I am going show you a deeper look at habits. You’ll see how to change old and unfavorable ones, and how to build those that bring more peace to your life. The change is on your side. I’m here to accompany you on your path. You’re not alone. I’m happy to hear more about your experiences on the way.

Many of us want to change the world for the better. I’m glad that it is the case. This is important and needed. Nevertheless, we have a habit that involves trying to change others according to our agendas. And this isn’t the way. This world needs brave people like you. People who have the courage to change the world starting from within.

Are you taking a challenge?

A habit of gossiping

Here is one of the habits that applies to each of us. It’s firmly rooted in our minds and in our culture. In small doses, it can bring beneficial effects. However, when it becomes our lifestyle, its influence simply takes away our peace of mind. See for yourself.

A habit of complaining

I’m in the process.


A habit of rushing

I’m in the process.