The first source of inner peace is in your attitude for yourself

Let’s start with the basics. Path of a Terrorist or a Therapist?


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Take Your Journey to the Heart of the Matter

Briefly … this blog is about changing old habits and caring for peace within


Have you noticed that every day hundreds of habits automate our lives? Just remind today’s morning. Of course, some of them are important and needed because they make life easier. However, there are also those who take away inner peace and bring chaos and suffering to our lives.

And what if I told you that habits include not only what we do, like drinking coffee in the morning – because it is a cliché. Habits include the ways in which we think, feel, treat ourselves and each other. My passion is changing old habits that block inner peace in my life. I know that I’m the only person who can restore this peace. So I follow the path of change within.

As a psychologist, I love working with people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and doubts about their worthiness. All these issues have their roots in the old and destructive habits of the mind.

I hope you find something useful for yourself here.

To the inner peace of courageous hearts and slightly crazy minds